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Construction Company Christopher D. Constantinidis S.A.is a pioneer company in the execution of Environmental, Marine/Harbour, Building, Gas & Oil, Road-Work and Infrastructure Projectsν




The stockholders of Construction Company CHRISTOPHER D. CONSTANTINIDIS S.A. are:

- Eleni Constantinidis, President of BoD and Executive Manager

- Dimitrios C. Constantinidis

- Christopher D. Constantinidis

- Janet D. Constantinidis


The company employs approximately 300 person, 30 of which with university qualifications.


The company’s Head Offices are in Athens in a self-owned office building at Marousi.




Construction Company Christopher D. Constantinidis S.A. privately owns a fleet of vessels for this purpose (floating cranes, tugboats, barges, pontoons) as follows:

- 6 floating cranes/dredgers with a maximum lifting capacity of 130tn


- 1 cutter suction dredger with a maximum pumping capacity of 6000m³/hour


- 2 tug boats with diesel motors Caterpilar with maximum power of 450 ΒΗΡ and maximum of 49,27 tns


- 3 split hopper barges with 58,0 X 9,5m dimensions


Ziridi 10, 151 23, Marousi, Tel.0030 210 61 00 500, Fax.0030 210 68 57 094, Email: cdcinbox@gmail.com

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