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Construction Company Christopher D. Constantinidis S.A.is a pioneer company in the execution of Environmental, Marine/Harbour, Building, Gas & Oil, Road-Work and Infrastructure Projectsν




Design and Construction - Operation and Maintenance

1. Waste water and Septic Waste Treatment Plant of Major Athens, Metamorfosi
2. Waste Treatment Plant and Water Supply of the city of Thessaloniki from Aliakmon River
3. Sewage and Septics Treatment Plant for Thessaloniki Touristic Area
4. Sewage and Septic Waste Treatment Plant for Chalkis city
5. Wastewater Treatment Plant of Major Thessaloniki (Stage I)
6. Thermal Drying Plant of Sludge (from the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Thessaloniki)

7. Design, Construction, Commissioning and 5-year Operation of the Landfill Gas Recovery and Power Generation System at the Existing GHABAWI Landfill, Amman Jordan

Design and Construction

8. Sanitary Landfill of Fili, Attica (Stage I)
9. Sewage Treatment Plant of Egion city
10. Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant at the U.S Naval Station, Nea Makri, Attiki

Operation and Maintenance

11. Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant for Major Thessaloniki (Stage II)
12. Operation & Maintenace of Major Athens (Psittalia) Wastewater Treatment Plant (Stage I)


1. Construction of Fishing Port at Zygi
2. Construction of Olympic Sailing Center in Agios Kosmas
3. Port of Lavrion
4. Port of Alexandroupolis
5. Construction of Sea Wall and Marina at Faliron Bay
6. Completion of protection works of the main break water in the Marina of Flisvos
7. Construction of a tourist port for the "Club Med" in Gregolimano
8. Kavala Port
9. Improvement of the technical charateristics of the Main Breakwater at Zea Marina, Pireaus
10. Completion of Works at Korrisia Harbour in Kea Island
11. The manoeuvres of Airport of Ikaria
12. Construction of a fishing Port at Ilia, Evia
13. Alumina Industry Harbour and Access Road
14. Extension of 6th Pier of Thessaloniki Port


1. Infrastructure Facilities at the Technical Base of the Olympic Airways Homebase at the Eleftherios Venizelos International Athens Airport
2. Athletic Installations and Fire Fighting Station at the Olympic Village of the 2004 Athens Games
3. Construction of Office Building Complex at Ziridi St, Marousi, Athens

OIL / GAS / PIPELINES - media gallery

1. Design, Supply and Construction of Two Fixed Roof Jet Fuel Storage Tanks at JPRC’s Station in Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) & Two Floating Roof Gasoline Storage Tanks at JPRC’s Petroleum Facilities South Aqaba
2. Natural Gas submarine pipelines Agia Triada - Revithoussa
3. Reconstruction of two (2) 14’’ Submarine Pipelines at the Hodeidah Port at the Plant of Yemen Petroleum Company
4. ELPE (Hellenic Petroleum Company)
6. Construction of the Submarine Pipeline for the sewage effluent of Corfu island
7. Construction & laying of the treated sewage water twin pipeline outfold in Thessaloniki.
8. Water Pipeline Menidi - Helidonou (DN1700)
9. Kozani District Heating
10.Submarine Pipelines for the Sewage and Septics Treatment Plant of the city of Chalkis

ROADWORKS / DAMS - media gallery

1. Construction of the Heraklion By—Pass Road (KTEO Gouves)
2. Construction of Water Reservoir at Sedounta, in Lesvos island
3. Twin Flyover Crossing at Kifissos and Petrou Ralli Junction, Athens
4. Flood Control Works at Sesi, Grammatiko in Attica

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